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female_package_maintainers ++

I'm glad to announce here that Debian now has a new woman with a
package in the archive...namely Christine Spang.

In late July, I sponsored the upload of the gquilt package, a GTK
interface to quilt, the patch management system that rocks (if you use
dpatch, just try quilt once, you'll be blasted).

gquilt was packaged by Christine Spang, who is a d-w "member" for
several months now and who most of you know for her very interesting
writings in her blog, as well as a her other contributions.

gquilt finally made it in the archive thanks to our ftpmasters work
which means we now have a new female Debian package maintainer.

In the same time, Christine applied as a New Maintainer and will
hopefully go through the whole process and become a new Debian
Developer in "some" months....

Christine also actively contributes to the shadow package maintenance
team and, as I wrote in the advocacy I sent for her NM application,
she proves there her very good team work capabilities (and a really
incredible high learning speed).

In short (I never can do short, I'm afraid), let's congratulate
Christine and wish her the best for her future long life as a Debian
contributor and developer.


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