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Re: Software Freedom Day part 2

Helen Faulkner wrote:
> Erinn Clark wrote:
>>As Hanna mentioned previously:
>>Software Freedom Day is coming up on September 10th. We haven't really
>>had any activities in a while, so I think doing something on this day
>>would be good. Hanna suggested some kind of outreach activity and I
>>think it's a good idea, but I'm not really sure what kinds of things we
>>could do. There's always normal Debian stuff we can do, but perhaps
>>someone has some more creative ideas?
> I agree that we should definitely try to do something for this, and I think we
> should try to put a "Debian Women" slant on it, since presumably other groups
> will be doing more general outreach activities.
> Some ideas that spring to my mind:
> - try reaching out to the wider Debian community.  Email debian-devel and
> debian-user and anywhere else that seems a good idea and ask people to tell
> their female friends, partners, family and colleagues about the Debian Women
> project.  Encourage people to encourage others to join our mailing list and IRC
> channel.
> - try reaching out more to those in the Debian Women channel who are on the
> mailing list but who are not very active in the project.  Maybe set up a
> temporary IRC channel - #debian-women-beginners or something, for the day.  Get
> a small number of our regulars to commit to being in the channel to help out at
> specified times, so we cover all the timezones adequately.  Write really simple
> instructions for using IRC for the first time and encourage all those shy people
> out there to give it a go and come and say hello, knowing that others on the
> channel at that time are also newcomers.
> - in areas where there is a concentration of Debian Women people, organise
> physical meetings.  Maybe over lunch or something.  Make sure that meetings are
> organised in places that are accessible for people with children, and for people
> who are still at school and maybe can't go out at night, since maybe that stuff
> is preventing some women from getting involved more in their local LUG meetings.
> Who else has ideas on this stuff?
> I am happy to be involved in organising either of the first two.  (I don't think
> there's a high enough concentration of Debian Women people in Melbourne to be
> worth arranging a meeting on that Saturday, but if there are more than I know of
> (I know of 3 offhand, two of whom are men), espcially women, please drop me a
> line and maybe we can meet up over coffee in the city somewhere.)

So, since everyone has (I'll assume the best case scenario) temporarily
forgotten to reply right away to my list of suggestions, here is another gentle
nudge :)

What do you think about this?

Any other ideas?

I've added a couple of things into the wiki TODO page (see the one about
organise stuff for Software Freedom Day...)


It would be great if other people who have things they want to do for Debian
Women, or that they think Debian Women should be doing, or that they think
Debian Women people could usefully be involved in would add these to the wiki
page.  It's very easy to edit, and it would be nice to get this TODO list
changing more actively, to keep it up to date with the things we are thinking
about at the time.

Anyone who wants to edit the wiki will need the password.  I won't post it to
the list, for fear of bots picking it up.  But if you email me, Erinn, Hanna or
probably any of the "noisier" people around here, they will tell you the
password.  Or just ask on IRC.


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