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Re: Debian parody

On 2005-06-14T22:03:36-0300 (Tuesday), Fabricio segfault Cannini wrote:
> #include <dontbeatme.h>


> Its not a porn site, just a Debian parody

Au contraire, pron-get is a fuctional application delivering results.
Kudos to tarzeau whom this idea went way of out hand.

> http://www.lesbian.mine.ru

You should *really* use the correct address, which is lesbian.mine.nu. N
like November, not R like Romeo.

Crosspost between two lists, virtual Followup-To debian-curiosa.
[Was there an e-mail function for that? Reply-To goofs up replying to
the author.]
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thing that was broken.                      (Terry Pratchett in `Hogfather')

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