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About DW Map

It's hard to decide who qualifies for being in the map and who doesn't. As the
map started as an informal project, no strict rules were established for new
additions, assuming common sense was enough.

Some of those who have recentry added for being included in the map are not
really actively involved in D-W project and probably won't ever be. I think
that the general consensus is that only the people who are involved in the
project should be there.

Please, those who ask for being added to the project from now on, please add
dome words telling in which way are you involved with the project (it might
have been many different ways, adding content to the wiki, being mentors in
d-w program, doing translations, giving conferences about d-w, ... )

It might also be nice, if you want, to have a new, different map of supporters
of the project, in which everyone who asks could be included. That could be
nice to do, but would be a different map from the one we're currently
developing, what do you think?


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