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Re: [Volunteers] Grant proposal around women in college and open source

On Wed, 2005-06-08 at 22:58 -0700, Barton C Massey wrote:
In message <[🔎] 20050609050334.GA7542@fuchsia.puzzling.org">[🔎] 20050609050334.GA7542@fuchsia.puzzling.org> you wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 08, 2005, Barton C Massey wrote:
> > What we'd like to get from you, preferably in the next few days (the
> > proposal deadline is June 14), is an organization leader's signature
> > on a memorandum of understanding that would show your support for this
> > proposal as we apply to the NSF for funding.  I'd be happy to draft
> > this memorandum with your guidance, or you may prefer to draft it
> > yourselves.
> One problem you're about to run into with LinuxChix (I don't know about
> Debian Women) is that its governance is kind of loose. LinuxChix is not
> a registered association, organisation or company in any country. It
> also, historically, doesn't make decisions as quickly as you seem to
> want, primarily because it's entirely volunteer run.

I understand.  It's always challenging to put these kind of
alliances together, and time pressure doesn't help.  We'll
do what we can in the time we have.

> You probably want Jenn Vesperman's signature (note that she's in
> Australia, if you want physical pieces of paper that quickly you may
> have to pay for an international courier or express air mail).

I sent Jenn email a while back, but haven't heard from her.
I'm hoping that she got my email, and that I will get a
response at some point soon.  I'm not too worried about
physical paper: scans or faxes should be fine for what we're

Jenn's rather unwell at the present time. I can see that she is aware of what is going on, however.

> I would personally like to see your draft of the memorandum of
> understanding, partly because drafting things by informal committee
> (which is what we'd do at LinuxChix) takes a while, but mostly because
> it will give us a better idea of what you actually want from us.

I'll post it here tomorrow evening.  It will look very much
like what I just sent you, though :-).

> On that note, would you like to contact the actionchix@linuxchix.org
> list? It's never really gotten off the ground, but in theory the
> subscribe base is most likely to contain volunteers for what you want:
> the charter is meant to be Chix who want to do volunteer work (on FOSS,
> women in computing and such like).

An excellent suggestion.  I'll give them a try.

Thanks much, once again, for your most excellent insights.

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