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Re: DW-Map

 --- lorena.giraldo@slcolombia.org escribió:

> Hello everybody!!!
> Well i have a question, the d-w map is only for developers and manteiners of
> debian or the debian users will be added too? and I saw the map is great
> congratulations :)
> Kisses
> Burbuja

Hi Burbuja :)

As far as I'm concerned, every Debian-Woman is invited to be in the map. You
can have a look at:

As I share that point of view. Quoting Meike:

In my book, a Debian-Woman is anyone (male or female, so I guess it should
really rather be a "Debian-Women Person ;) ) who somehow contributes to
Debian-Women and/or it's aims. So, if you hang out on #d-w, or contribute to
the website, or the wiki, or actively participate on the mailing list, or if
you somehow publicly advocate the use of Debian (especially of course to
women) I guess - yea you are a Debian Women.

And after all, this is not about handing out secret membership cards or
anything, it's just a slide on a talk ;) So really no need to worry. I'd be
happy to add your pic. And as of the "Am I a d-w?" question, I guess <yoda>The
answer in yourself you find.</yoda> If you feel you are a debian woman, you
are one. I myself for example consider myself one, though I also don't (yet)
contribute to Debian in any technical way.

So, as I already have your coordinates from aLiXa, I can add you to the map if
you want it. All you need is to tell me a "yes" :)


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