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Re: Science fiction?

Hi Greg,

Vanuxem Grégory schrieb:

I am aware of other SF authors, often women, who create female heroes
that do not reproduce the current and conservative ideas about man/women
relationships. Ursula Le Guin is certainly one of them who leaves gender

mutual and open. There is also this story of  Joanna Russ in which she
describes a planet of women who do not define themselves in relation to
men, meaning not in difference. I personally think that the genre is
quite a good one to experiment within and to be creative - by

You speak about women who do not define themselves in relation to men.

Can you quickly explain theory/hypothesis behind your studies ?
Is your work relied to psychosocial gender/group studies ?
I am an anthropologist, which means that my main aim is to understand how a certain society (in this case the floss community) works. I am interested in forms of organisation, believe systems, basic assumptions, etc. I am interested in what people do who take part in floss and also how they do it.

There is a gendering happening in the floss community in the sense that there are very few women active in the community.This is the part in which the EC is mostly interests. I am still in the middle of my fieldwork, but what I also think is happening in the floss community is that there is a gendering happening in the sense that the few women involved in it - though in theory free to do what they want to do - are taking on activities often distinct to those men in the community take on. I want to understand the why of that as well. I think these two strands are not unrelated with each other. I think it is not only important to get more female buns in front of computers to take part in free software projects in general, but to get more women involved in the same kind of activities as are men.

Of course our research is not isolated, but is put into relation with research undertaken in neighbouring fields such as women and science or women and ICT studies.I also try to look at similarities and differences with societies engaging in non-capitalist types of exchange relationships.


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