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Re: Science fiction?

El Lunes 23 Mayo 2005 16:31, Hanna M. Wallach escribió:
> On Friday I met with two researchers working on "understanding gender
> issues in open source" as part of the FLOSSpols project. One of the
> (many) things we discussed was whether the women involved in free
> software projects tend to read as much science fiction as the
> men. (They're interested in this from a point of view of "entry into
> the free software world" and "identifying with the free software
> community and culture.") I thought it'd be interesting to ask on here
> -- do you read science fiction?

Yes, it is my favourite genre. I have read lots of fantasy books too, but i 
prefer sci-fi.

I would like to mention one of the best writers i have ever  read is Marion 
Zimmer Bradley[1] and is a woman :-)

About tv series, i also enjoy Babylon5 ( best ever), Stargate,  ...


[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marion_Zimmer_Bradley

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