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Re: Geographical map with our locations

> BTW, one of the best places I've found for getting
> coordinates is:
> http://www.getty.edu/research/conducting_research/vocabularies/tgn/

I live in both Philadelphia:

Lat: 39 57 00 N  degrees minutes  Lat: 39.9500  decimal degrees
Long: 075 09 00 W  degrees minutes  Long: -75.1500  decimal degrees

and Cambridge, UK:

Lat: 52 12 00 N  degrees minutes  Lat: 52.2000  decimal degrees
Long: 000 07 00 E  degrees minutes  Long: 0.1167  decimal degrees

(Confusing, yes, but I really do spend about 6 months of any given
year in each place.)

hanna m. wallach
blog: http://join-the-dots.org/
work: http://www.inference.phy.cam.ac.uk/hmw26/

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