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Re: pics for the d-w talk at LinuxTalk

Hanna M. Wallach (stargirl), Miriam Ruiz (Baby), Erinn Clark (helix) \
   Margarita Manterola (marga), Fabienne S (unsure about IRC nick)
yeah you wouldn't know my irc nick because i haven't been hanging on the dw irc chan and have been fairly anti irc in general lately, but if i ever AM on irc i use fbz or babypops.

/me who really should have removed that cute little hook in hair on the
picture.....and never noticed the network addresses which appear on
the wall behind me :-)
yeah well no worries on your hair, i think i should have shared a pic with some procs running debian huh? and my hair isn't purple right now it has teal blue streaks, but i digress...


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