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Re: pics for the d-w talk at LinuxTalk

Hi Pia

Pia Waugh said/sagte:
> Actually, I'd like to use this opportunity to figure out whether I can be
> classed as a Debian-Woman? :) I use Debian or Ubuntu and have been for years
> and am quite technical, but I'm not a coder and certainly not a maintainer.
> I guess I was really cautious about involving myself in case I'm not
> appropriate.

Well, I can only give you a personal answer on this: In my book, a
Debian-Woman is anyone (male or female, so I guess it should really
rather be a "Debian-Women Person ;) ) who somehow contributes to
Debian-Women and/or it's aims. So, if you hang out on #d-w, or contribute
to the website, or the wiki, or actively participate on the mailing list,
or if you somehow publicly advocate the use of Debian (especially of
course to women) I guess - yea you are a Debian Women.

And after all, this is not about handing out secret membership cards or
anything, it's just a slide on a talk ;) So really no need to worry. I'd
be happy to add your pic. And as of the "Am I a d-w?" question, I guess
<yoda>The answer in yourself you find.</yoda> If you feel you are a
debian woman, you are one. I myself for example consider myself one,
though I also don't (yet) contribute to Debian in any technical way.

And to the rest of you lazy people:

So far I've collected four pictures (Christine, Hanna, Christian and
myself). However, this slide is meant to make a visual impact, and though
all four us are stunning beauties, it would actually work better with a
real LOT of pics.
So please consider sending me one. It doesn't have to be all nice and
fancy, any snapshot showing your face and (preferably) a smile will do.
If you are too busy, just send me an email with a url where I can get
your pic and I'll go get it and resize it myself.


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