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Re: Debconf5 accommodation

> I'd like to arrange to have a Debian Women apartment (or a Debian
> Women large room, depending on how many people here are
> interested). So far, I have Erinn, Magni and myself -- would anyone
> like to join us?

Alright, it looks like the following people are interested:

Me (Hanna)

(Also, Fernanda is interested if she can make it, and it would be nice
to be located near to Karianne and Tollef and Marga and her husband.)

If you're on this list, but aren't definitely coming to Debconf5, or
don't want to share a room/apartment with us, please let me know ASAP?
If you're not on this list but would like to be, do tell me.

hanna m. wallach
blog: http://join-the-dots.org/
work: http://www.inference.phy.cam.ac.uk/hmw26/

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