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Re: Debconf5 accommodation (snoring)

ke, 2005-05-04 kello 05:35 -0300, Segfault, aka Fabricio Cannini
> Not exactly it (although quite clarifying, thanks)
> but i mean, we're going to hang out, party, 
> make some sightseeing in HEL, etc... right??
> Considering some 2 or 3 parties in a week,
> ++ a visit to HEL, how much EUR should "run after"??

That depends on too many factors for an answer to be possible. I have
idea what "a party" here means, but if it means going to clubs and such,
I assume they have some kind of entrance fee. Alcohol, if you want to
drink it, is expensive, and in bars it is really expensive. Eating out
will cost anywhere from 10 euros upwards (unless you want only junk
food). Public transportation costs 27 euros for five days, 18 euros for
three days, or 9 euros for one day (single fairs are 3.40 euros).

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