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Re: Debconf5 accommodation (snoring)

ke, 2005-05-04 kello 05:00 -0300, Segfault, aka Fabricio Cannini
> Hi girls, guys and others (un)reasoning creatures!!
> As i'm really willing to go to DC5,
> and air tickets wouldn't be the worst problem
> (i can get it at obscenely low prices)
> but i'm **really** tight on money,
> i'll ask you to have some idea:
> How much in EUR do you think is needed
> to spend a week in .fi??
> I'm thinking about EUR 300, is it enough??

Registration and attendance for Debconf5: free.

Sleeping place at the conference: free.

Food at the conference (not glorious, but nourishing): free.

Travel between airport and conference location: 8 euros (total), using
public transportation, but it might be possible to get a lift as well.

If the free food at the conference is sufficient, a week at the
conference should be quite cheap, therefore.

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