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More food for thought

Probably old news...
Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

"Women are severely underrepresented in the engineering profession. Research
shows that girls and young women lose interest in subjects and the fields of
study leading to engineering careers long before they enter college."
Engineers Week is February 20-26th. Engineers (and Technocrats of course) from
around the planet are asked to help encourage young girls and women folk to get
and maintain an interest in the engineering and science disciplines. There are
several press releases out there, but the message is the same, do your job to
get them young women interested! Heh, doing my part, just today showed GF how
to drive a medium heavy tractor! Of course, that meant this *me* guy had to
walk behind the feed wagon in knee deep muck for the shoveling feed to the
beefers action while she drove...hmmm


"In a move to encourage greater numbers of women in engineering and science,
MentorNet, the e-Mentoring Network for Women in Engineering and Science,
(www.MentorNet.net) is launching the “Drive for 500” program. The
“Drive for 500” is an all-out effort to match 500 new pairs of mentors
and students in science and engineering in its award-winning One-on-One
e-mentoring program between now and Engineers Week (February 20-26.)"


" The Society of Automotive Engineers will take part in the Carnegie Science
Center's "National Engineers Week" event, Friday and Saturday (Feb. 18 to 19).
National Engineers Week begins Sunday, Feb. 20.

In conjunction with the national initiative "Introduce a Girl to Engineering,"
SAE International will celebrate its 100th anniversary with the Daisies,
Brownies and Girl Scouts Saturday as they earn their engineering badges and
patches at the Carnegie Science Center on Pittsburgh's North Side.

Research indicates that when young women enter college, many do not have
sufficient math and science backgrounds to major in engineering. The reasons
are many, including a serious deficiency in educational resources, social
pressure resulting from the negative social image of scientists and engineers,
a lack of encouragement (coupled with active discouragement), the dearth of
out-of-school science, engineering and technology experiences for girls, and
the lack of women role models in the profession. ("Encouraging Girls in Math
and Science," Dr. Patricia Campbell.)

WHEN: Saturday, Feb. 19, at 1 p.m.

WHERE: Carnegie Science Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Web Site: http://www.sae.org " 

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