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Re: NYTimes article: women more genetically complex ...

On 2005-03-21, David Nusinow penned:
> I'm not even going to begin to touch the NYT article directly, as it makes
> my stomache churn. The findings have interesting implications for sexual
> dimorphisms, and perhaps more importantly differences between individuals.
> In no way though, does this imply that women are genetically superior to
> men. I give the NYT article a big "Troll" rating.

Thanks for the alternate point of view.  The article "smelled" iffy to me, but
I don't have the biology background to evaluate it myself.

FWIW, I never read it as seriously suggesting that women are "better" -- just
that they might exhibit a wider range of behaviors across the board.  Is that
plausible?  My first thought, actually, was that these studies could possibly
indicate that medical research for women should involve a wider sampling, or
be taken with a bigger grain of salt, or something.  I could imagine that
these genetic differences might relate to differences in the risk for certain
diseases or tolerance for certain drugs.


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