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OLS in Ottawa, July

Speaking of upcoming conferences, I am going to OLS in
July.  I have room for someone (or a couple) to stay at
my place.

I don't live close to the OLS, I live about a 20 minute
drive or 1-hour transit trip away.  However I plan to
spend all day every day at OLS, including into the
evenings at the social things (although as I'm a
middle-aged lady I need my sleep and won't stay too
late).  It is fine with me if you find another person
to give you a lift home or if you take transit, you can
let yourself in with your key.  My housekeeping style
is "casual" to put it kindly, if you're a neat and clean
freak you won't like it (but feel free to clean up for
me, I won't object :-)  I don't have any pets currently.

I will give preference to a person who might not otherwise
be able to amke it to OLS due to cost of accomodations.
My place is non-smoking and no cable TV, but I do have DSL.

If you're interested, send me an email.


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