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Women in GNOME discussion

Recently, somebody on IRC mentioned a discussion on GNOME's
foundation-list mailing list, which I thought people here might find
interesting. Anne Østergaard kicked it off with a post about the lack of
women in GNOME and encouraging GNOME people to try and do something
about it.


The discussion reminds me a bit of the discussion on debian-vote around
March of last year, where people were saying things along the lines of
"yes, it's a problem, but we're not being sexist and we don't know what
to do about it".

I think GNOME has many of the same problems that Debian has:

 - an aggressive/negative culture, especially on mailing lists

 - secondary status to translators/documenters etc. (as opposed to
   packagers in the case of Debian and coders in the case of GNOME)

 - difficulty in making new contributors welcome

One interesting thing about GNOME is the GNOME Love project, which was
started specifically to encourage new contributors and help them find
ways in which they can help -- something which I think Debian Women is
good at.

The main thing I found when searching for information about it were the
mailng list:


and this announcement of GNOME Love Day:


Sadly, the project doesn't seem to have a website, although I hear there
is an IRC channel.


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