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Re: My FOSDEM report

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Luk Claes wrote:
| Hi Debian Women

Hi again

Apparantly I forget to include the links...

| The following day I visited the Debian booth for the first time where I
| bought some shiny posters and donated some money. I went to the hackers
| room as I had brought my laptop I thought I should use it ;-) In no time
| it was time to head for the Debian Developers Room again as stargirl
| would give a talk on The Debian Women Project [1]. I stayed for the talk
| of mjg59. I admit more for hearing a candidate DPL as for the subject,
| but "Free as in DFSG" turned out to be very interesting. As Yoe said
| there was a keysigning party, I just got some sandwich for lunch. The
| official keysigning party wasn't very well organised as you had to ask
| the information desk when and where it was and the time changed twice.
| As in the end the keysigning party was at the time of Alan Cox's talk
| (and stargirl's Lightening Talk which apparently got rescheduled too)
| Yoe decided to have an unofficial keysigning party at the booth (I've
| met 11 people joining the party) after which the official keysigning
| party took place (which I also attended, though I would have liked to go
| to Alan Cox's talk) where around 25 people joined the party. It's called
| a party as normally you would expect to drink and chat when doing a
| keysigning party, but I only once had a real keysigning PARTY... As I
| wanted to see the differences between stargirl's talks I saw 'Women and
| Open Source'. As I expected the content was very similar, but I was
| surprised to see also Naima talking. As I don't like presentations in
| the dark (way too easy to fall asleep), I appreciated that their talk
| was with the lights on ;-) Last, but not least I went to jvw's QA talk
| [2], apart from leaving via the Embedded Developers Room (as I could get
| a lift to Leuven where I packed and left to go home).

[1] http://www.srcf.ucam.org/~hmw26/talks/fosdem.pdf
[2] http://people.debian.org/~jeroen/fosdem2005qa.html/ or



PS: I think stargirl's talk was awesome: both the content as the way she
brought it.
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