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a question re the list

hi all, vaguegirl here.  i was wondering, is this list only for howto do 
stuff and totally technical stuff or can we wax poetic re linux and the 
internet, etc., etc.?

i keep thinking how a linux group should be for women as opposed to 
everybody (i.e., men).  they would ban me, most likely.  if this is 
inappropriate, please let me know.

i have been a geek since birth (my dad worked with mainframes).  the day i 
discovered linux was probably one of the best days of my life.  and the 
day i actually became a node on the 'net, well, i am still enthralled and 
that was 11 years ago!

i can remember when linux booted up and i learned about ppp and suddenly 
my shell was an actual shell account WITHOUT having to logon to someone 
else, first!  i am such a cyberpunk chick, as well, and the idea of the 
internet being ME and YOU and YOU and HER and so on, it just tickles me. 
i love living this life where i can connect to the world, i am creating an 
online network, and maybe my words will help spark the first online 
intelligence!  hehe.

i tend to believe that complexity creates intelligence.  at least, i 
believe there is a point where a whole bunch of "individuals" become one 

ok, blah blah don't mean to sound too crazy.  i have been using linux 
since 1994 (my first kernel was 1.59; i still have the cd) so i am not a 
total flake.  all three of my machines at home are always running linux.

okok, please no evil responses if i am just going way overboard on this 
list, but i really REALLY like to talk about linux and the stuff we can do 
with it!  hehe.


mad in the head, sick in the soul

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