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Re: Minutes from the January 16 2005 meeting are posted to the wiki


Colleen Hatfield wrote:
I have posted the summary and minutes of the January 16 2005 meeting
to the wiki.  You can view them at

Thanks very much for doing that Colleen :)

Reading over the minutes of that meeting has inspired me to make the ToDo page for the Debian Women website, at:


I suspect I am missing some things that we could list there, either plans for future projects, or things that people are already working on. In any case, any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

One of the recurring comments at that IRC meeting on 16th Jan was how helpful it would be if we had something written down about how to talk about the Debian Women project. I know that several people have given talks or presentations about Debian Women, and others are planning to do this in future. I wonder whether some of you would like to discuss this and come up with a list of ideas that anyone could include in either a formal talk about Debian Women, or when telling others about the work we are doing here. Maybe you can put together some material to be included on the website, for others to refer to.

Please let us know if you are interested in helping out with this, or just email your comments and ideas to the list. If someone could volunteer to coordinate that effort and produce something for the website, that would be wonderful :)


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