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Mentors Program - mentees wanted (Was: Debian Women Mentors Program - mentors wanted...)

Hi Everyone,

The Debian Women Mentoring Program is getting off the ground :)

Thankyou very much to those who have volunteered to potentially mentor people in their fields of interest. I was pleasantly suprised by the response to that initial call.

There is a new page on the website for the mentoring program:


It's pretty simple at the moment - we are going to grow this thing as needed if and when it works. So suggestions and ideas will be appreciated, if you have any. (Thanks very much to Colleen for making that webpage.)

At this point I would like to ask if there are people who would like to be mentored by someone, to help with their involvement with Debian. We have volunteers to help with everything from writing bug reports to translating to packaging to quality control. So if you have an interest in contributing to Debian in some way, but need a bit of a hand getting started with it, now is your chance to be matched with someone who wants to help out.

People who would like to be matched with a mentor can contact me directly at this stage. Please have a read of the mentoring webpage first - it outlines the kinds of things you should expect out of the mentoring program, and lists the available mentors and their areas of interest.


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