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Re: New Wiki 'Feature'

* Luk Claes (luk.claes@ugent.be) wrote:
> Please, consider nl:Dutch:Nederlands:PmWikiNL.XLPage

This was just a demo file created by the script with the languages that are
currently on the Wiki. With that new shell script it should be easy to add
dutch as a language though:

    wiki/local$ ./localize add nl Dutch Nederlands PmWikiNL.XLPage

That should automatically create that entry and show the corresponding link
on the Wiki.

> Is there anything else that should happen to add the Dutch translation
> (apart from the translation itself, ofcourse)?

Usually that should already do the trick and show the link, which will take
you to the non-existing page, and giving you the option to edit it. However
the sidebar seems to be more of an issue, because it doesn't seem as if it
can be created that easily.

I was thinking about maybe adding some stuff to the localize script, like
copying the English homepage and sidebar to the new language. That way, a
translator could go to that page and start translating immediately.

Another possibility would be to copy all the existing english content to the
new language, thus providing a default of the english version. That might
cause the problem of that english default going out of sync with the original
english content, which might not be desired.

It would be nice to have Ana's thoughts on this, since she's mainly
responsible for this, and I don't want to go on without her approval.



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