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RC bugsquashing seminar: date/time set

I've collated the times people emailed me, and it looks like the time that
works for everyone is going to be from 21:00 UTC on Sunday to 01:00 UTC
Monday.  Not particularly surprising, given the predominance of US/Western
Europe folks in the group, so hopefully this time slot would even work for
people that didn't RSVP.

My math also says that this is 1:00pm PST, which is what time I'll plan to
be there -- if anyone gets a different number than I do for the GMT offset,
better let me know ;)

The expected format is roughly 1 hour for presentation & Q/A in
#debian-women (allowing for the difficulties of keeping things on-track on an
IRC channel); then pulling bugs from a hat and assigning them to the
interested, and adjourning to the #debian-bugs channel.  That should allow a
good 3 hours of hack time before people have to start leaving; I'll probably
be around for several hours beyond that, and of course there should be
people around in #debian-bugs all weekend who can help with questions.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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