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Re: I also have a tech prob...reply to me off-list...

Am 2004-12-31 21:07:24, schrieb Michelle Klein-Hass:

> My ThinkPad is a 600e with a 400MHz processor and 228MB of RAM. I have
> a 40GB  Toshiba hard drive and a Panasonic slot-loading Combo Drive.

I have a ThinkPad R40 (1300MHz, 1 GB Memory and 20 GB HDD, wavelan and
sound working) and since 4 days a T70 which was a presentr of a client.
Now I am installing this Super-Machine...

> I love my little ThinkPad...it is a faithful companion and a great

I love it too

> machine. If my memory serves me right, Alan Cox had one of these, and
> I believe there are other Linux "superstars" who have ThinkPads.

I know many DD's which use the 600... and if you imagine that you
can get them vor less then 250 Euro on <http://www.ebay.de/>.

> ThinkPads, at least until recently, were the best laptops for Linux. I
> don't know what's going to happen now that IBM has sold their Personal
> Systems Division to Lenovo, but up until that point their laptops were
> the gold standard for x86 arch. Spoken like a fangirl? You bet.

I have 7 IBMs the smales one is a 760ED with 233 MHz and 128 MB
of memory with 8 GBYte HDD. The IBM's have never let me alone.

> Anyway, happy new year to all. Like I said, if you have answers, email
> me off-list.

Yeah, happy new year to, even if I am Muslim

> Take care,
> Michelle

from Strasbourg

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