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Re: Suggested meeting topic: d-women advocacy, rights and not-so-rights

Hi All,

One of the areas that must be approached with some degree of care is the
manner in which debian-women presents itself to the larger community, both
Debian and elsewhere.  In many ways, Debian is a very conservative
organisation, and, as has been seen in the past, doesn't always take kindly
to people challenging the established order.

The meeting would attempt to get some sort of consensus about the ways in
which the d-w project might constructively present itself to people outside
these hallowed virtual walls.  Things to consider include what we say, how
we say it, when to go for the jugular, and when to be a little more

I think that's an excellent idea, that is worth a good solid discussion.

The general thought that springs to mind is the following question:

When I am dealing with Debian, how do I decide when to say exactly what I think and when to hold back on that, if saying what I think might be damaging to the longer term aims of Debian Women, whereas not saying what I think might damage the shorter term aims. Or vice versa...

It can be a difficult question to answer. (Or at least I think so.) The need to balance honesty with tact and to decide what will best serve my understanding of our goals in the short and the long term can make these things very complicated.


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