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Hi All,

after the meeting I want to give some ideas.

I think there are many people (especially women) who must work with the computer and have not enough time to solve every problem by the daily use themselves.

e.g. (Only an example for explainig wht I mean).

My problem is to connect OOo to Mysql. It's very difficult to do this and I spent much time for this. And there is a small problem to configure mozilla-mail with PGP. But I've not enough time to google how to configure it.

I think it's a very good help that anybody who has done it before has written it down (e.g. like a recipe) how to do it. And if many people (me too) do so I think many people wouldn't have so much fear to use Linux (esp. Debian).

So I think it's easier to give newbies answer they understand.
So people have the chance to change to Linux (esp. Debian).



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