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Re: Sexist Behaviour in Debian Women

 --- Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> escribió: 
> What context did I omit that you think justifies the
> comments that I did
> quote?  What possible context was there that
> supports Carla's claim that she
> was responding to obnoxious attitudes in a
> non-sexist, topic-neutral way?
> Being "calm" does nothing to address the
> inappropriate behavior that I saw
> in my scrollback when my attention was called to it.
>  Or does the group
> encourage a double-standard, and inappropriate
> behavior is only called out
> when it's perpetrated by men?
> I am not defending everything that Manoj said in
> that discussion; he's very
> good at being a party to turning discussions in the
> most inflammatory
> direction possible.  But it takes *two* sides to
> escalate.

As you might have noticed, I'm trying not to enter
into the bottomo of the discussion. I have my own
point of view, as most of us do, but it's as you say,
the thing might escalate. In the bottom of all this
discussion lies someting deeper, that makes (in my
opinion) the participants being talking about
absolutely different things, and thus it's impossible
to reach an agreement.

I'd prefer to delay this discussion until a moment in
which the cohesion of the group is not in question and
concentrate right now in the things we have in common,
not in the differences. I don't wanna lose more
members of the group just for this offtopic

Anyway, if you want me to say explicitly what I think
about what we were discussing yesterday, of course I
can, but I think it won't be of any good to the group
right now. I'd prefer to wait until the group is ready
to discuss this in a civilised way, and not everybody
being in the deffensive, as yesterday.


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