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Re: Proposal: Course on making debian packages

Miriam Ruiz wrote:
 --- Helen Faulkner <helen_ml_faulkner@yahoo.co.uk>
This is all an excellent idea.  What about the idea
of starting something in a structured way (say by posting new material every week or so) but then leaving the material up for anyone to go over

Yep I agree with that, but I wouln't want to make
another tutorial who's only purpose is being hanged
from a web page. I'd rather focus it in us, the group,
those who wanna learn. After that, we could compile
the information as well as the most interesting
questions and answers and putting it in a web page, I
like that idea.

I think we could have a good combination of material on a webpage and emails to a mailing list. That would allow people to follow the mailing list threads and work from the material on the webpage in what time they have available.

Yep, and also it shows in the web what we do, and what
our project are. They don't become lost in time.

Yes, that is a good point :)

I'm not subscribed to d-mentors, is it worth joining
it? is it friendly?

If you are interested in packaging, it is definitely worth joining d-mentors, even if you don't post anything to the list. It is mainly focussed on people asking packaging questions, looking for sponsors, working out how to package the things that interest them, etc.

Yep, my time scale would be something like this:
[big snip]

I would be inclined to break your suggested plan up into smaller sections, specifically to cater to the fact that people will have very different levels of background knowledge.

I also think it's worth keeping in mind that with anything like this, people will go on holidays for a fortnight, become too busy to pay attention to it for awhile, etc. So it's important, in my opinion, to set a practical schedule that will allow people to catch up with the main thing later on.

Helen :)

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