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Re: The prevailing Debian culture

Carla Schroder wrote: 
> No kidding! Stick around, we're on your side.
> This sure has been a lesson for me- it beats the
> hell out of me why so many 
> Esteemed Debian Luminaries feel compelled to
> enlighten us on the errors of 
> our ways. Until they FOAD, let's just hang out with
> the cool folks, of which 
> fortunately there are many.

Thanks for the support, Carla, Helen, Michael :) I
really appreciate it. It's one of the things I
appreciate the most, not only of d-w, but also from
other lists (LC). I wasn't talking in any way about
leaving d-w. I feel really comfortable here. What I
was talking about was going a step further and try to
start doing something more.

I'm starting to think that some people have very
closed view and think everybody's experience is and
must be as them (I'm talking about Andrew in this
case). I've been involved in some other free software
projects, this is not the first time I do something in
this world, and I know how some of them work. It's not
that everything is perfect and everybody marvellous,
but it's not as dark and awful as you (Andrew) are
trying to make it sound. At least the projects in
which I've been involved. If you're talking about free
software in general, well, I do not share your point
of view at all. If you're talking just about Debian
project, then I cannot say anything, as I do not know
enough yet about its internals. That's why I wanted to
know. This is why I am here, because I'm interested in
the project and want to know a bit more about it to
see if I fit in or not.

BTW, I haven't answered to all the threads I wanted in
the list to avoid making it a noisy one, and to avoid
redundant answers, but I do share most of Carla's
points of view. I just wanted to make that clear, in
case someone thought that silence meant a different


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