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Re: The prevailing Debian culture

Am Samstag, 21.08.04 um 16:07 Uhr schrieb Andrew Suffield:

Funny how so many people disagree with you publically and repeatedly.

I am sure that you must be wrong. I've read in Debian mailing lists from time to time for years. And I see, that people care, if someone does a good job and has good ideas.

Having read your other mails, I think, you have your own special view and do not see, things, you do not want to.

Your answer to carla: She is not the only one, and you may read that from others too, If you do not skip that in your mind.

BTW: What is your intention to join the list? Trying to make it so, as you want to see it?

Most of the members are willingly to contribute to make Debian not a men's sake only - even most of the men. What is your contribution?



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