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Re: The prevailing Debian culture

At the risk of becoming tiresome, I also have a thought or two on competition 
to fling into the brew here. " This culture of create a solution to meet your 
own needs, and
 let the best solution win (suboptimal solutions lose mind share) is
 one of the major strengths of free software.  We may find, however,
 that this also engenders a certain competitiveness, especially in
 grabbing mind share; and you can't totally eliminate one without
 harming the other."

Beautiful. I like it. Manoj's post implies that Debian is rather liberal in 
supporting projects, and letting them survive or not on their own merits. 
Very cool, I think.

But I think Manoj might be missing the point a bit when he discusses 
confrontation. Confrontation along the lines of "your code is poo, my code 
does it better and here it is" actually accomplishes something. Or "I agree 
that X is a a problem, but I don't think your plan is going to solve it, so 
I'm going to implement a different plan." That's very different from plain 
old trolling, and the stream of whining/nitpicking/complaining/attacking that 
D-W is having the pleasure of hosting. I see no reason to support such 

Implicit in the trolling here is plain old misogyny- us women is just too 
stupid and irrational to know our minds, we are wrong about our own 
experiences, and we sure can't be trusted to try to solve our own problems.  
Which are all in our heads, anyway. Nope, nothing we say or do here can 
possibly be valid. Etc. There's nothing new here, we've been fighting this 
garbage our whole lives. Though I'll keep my mind open to the possibility 
that these are equal opportunity trolls, who just plain hate everything.

Carla Schroder
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