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Re: Bug#263084: Please change sexist language in debian (English) webpages

Helen Faulkner wrote:
Kim Hawtin wrote:
You know, I've since wondered about that. It's hard to strike a balance between making it clear that there is a problem and not getting people the wrong way by the way you phrase it.

i've found that balance hard also, but i suspect that there are ways and means to fix a lot of problems that are not obvious at the first viewing. =)

Can't change history...

indeed. but learn from it we must

For what it's worth, I think that most of the guys in debian didn't have a problem with my use of such language. It's an unfortunate fact that, in debian, it seems a person who objects is likely to say so loudly, whereas a person who agrees is more likely to just get on and fix it, so we tend to get more negative feedback than positive feedback.

and with this information the path forward should be smoother in the future?

> The most important thing is that people are acting to close that bug :)

yes, good work =)


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