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Proofreading of a part of a document about "gender neutrality"

Hello ladies and gentlement (or should I say "girls and guys"...is
this too familiar?),

One document I maintain, named "Debconf Templates Style Guide", gives
Debian developers indications about the proper way to write templates
for debconf, the Debian configuration system (the thing which drops
screens for user input when installing/configuring packages).

Two days ago, I added to this document a paragrah about "gender
neutrality". I had to explain the concept once to a package maintainer
who had a phrase like "If the system administrator...blahblah.......,
HE should blahblah....." in one of his templates.

Could some of you please review this part (and, if you want, the whole

You have certainly noticed that I'm not a native English speaker, so
this paragraph may be badly written. I'm also not completely sure if
the way I have chosen for explaining this was right and thus I need
input from people more familiar with all this (I mean YOU,

Of course, if some of you want to proofread the whole document, feel
free. I'm pretty sure there are still typos, sp. errors and Frenglish
here and there..:-)



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