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Re: Recruiting volunteers - or, why should I become a DD?

[Carla Schroder]
> But you almost make it sound like "if you really want in, you should
> be prepared to jump through any hoops." That's not realistic.

It *is* realistic, to a degree.  But it leaves open the question of why
you would want "in".  This has been mentioned before but deserves
reiterating, because it seems to be a very common misconception: it's
perfectly possible to contribute to Debian, even in major ways, without
a developer account.  Some things are a bit less convenient, like
uploading packages (because you have to work with an existing
developer), but many things are just as easy either way.  A few things
are practical only for developers to handle, but only a few.

And, as it happens, the hoops to jump through for most forms of
contributing to Debian are much less daunting than the hoops for
getting a developer account.  In most other cases, it's mainly a matter
of learning enough to make yourself useful.


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