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Re: sexist language in debian instructions/documentation

#include <hallo.h>
* Helen Faulkner [Mon, Aug 02 2004, 08:28:01PM]:

> So I've spent most of today battling my way through the New Maintainers 
> Guide, trying to work out how to package some very simple things.  I 
> *think* I'm making headway...

Would it appease you if the introduction would contain the sentense: "all
following names and role descriptions are considered to be gender
neutral" or something like that?

Reason: Reading he/she, him/her, etc. again and again is annoying.
Unfortunately, often there is no gender neutral description if you don't
wish to switch to lawyer language. Try reading this:

| "There is a checklist of what a NM (person A or just A here and later)
| has to do. Basically, A needs a GPG key signed by a
| developer, A has to answer some Philosophy and Procedures questions
| and in the Tasks and Skills test. A has to show that A has the
| experience to be a good Debian developer. You should advocate
| someone when you think that A is ready to be a developer -- when A
| has the required skills and when A has been involved with the project
| for some time. Just ask yourself if you want to see A in Debian -- if
| you think A should be a Debian developer then go ahead and recommend
| A.

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