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Re: Debian-women support?

Ce jour Sat, 24 Jul 2004, Romana Branden a dit:

> im sorry, i fail to see how the two goals are mutually exclusive. as for
> political correctness, if that means people wo adhere to common civility
> and courtesy, then im all for it. if political correctness is a convenient 
> label of denigration for people who prefer the good old days of women 
> knowing their place, the kirch, kirke und kinder types, then count me in
> as politically correct. i prefer the term humanist and the concept that
> it means aware of peoples rights, and respecting of same....


[snip ignorant tripe, or bad joke, or both]

> ye gods and little fishes, a spammer lurks! this stuff is akin to
> viagra and penis enlargement stuff:)
> let me guess - white middle class christian male...:)

aka male WASP :P

> > >Thanks for your input; Your support makes a difference.
> > I am happy to be of assistance.  Forward the revolution!  Feel free to
> > contact me at any time by any of the methods listed in my .signature
> focl - which revolution is thatmate? forward heartily back to the good
> old days of the 1930s and the procreation of the fit??????

sounds like it, dunnit.

> dear oh dear, what a silly person you are:)
> please remove this poor deluded type from supporters page, but post his
> email on the humour section:))))) funniest thing i've read all day, what
> a hoot!
> c'mon, someone is having us on, time to 'fess up and share the laughter,
> what a prize joke!!! i'm impressed, using the word intelligence in a
> eugenics based email is the giveaway, congrats to the champion
> jester!!!!
> r:)

if it *is* a joke, i fail to see it. but maybe i'm just dumb luser.

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> Romana Branden
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> http://itshare.org.au/
> ITShare SA gives away computer systems 
> created from donated hardware and opensource software.

oo, /me hugs signify (see below) :D

Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere may be happy.

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