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Re: Profiles/contributors (was:Re: Website beta trial)

At 13:11 on Jul 23, Carla Schroder shook the earth with:

> Ok, good, I think you summed it up very well. But shouldn't all contributors
> to Debian-Women receive recognition? I'm just not comfortable with the idea
> of a separate "these guys think D-W is cool" page, it doesn't make sense to
> me. Like the KDE page- yeah, some guys think KDE-women is cool. So what?
> Maybe I'm just a cranky old bat, but I don't think we need an endorsement
> page from men.

I agree. After looking at the KDE page, it just seemed silly and awkward
to me. It's nice that these men support women devs in the KDE project, but
do they need to be publically acknowledged? I do believe the point is to
support women (and the project), not to support the supporters of the

> So maybe what we're looking at is a "Profiles" section which is exclusively
> for highlighting women Debian contributors, and a separate "These fine folks
> do the work here at D-W", because hard-working volunteers should get
> recognition.

I agree. Supporters could just mean "people who aren't categorized as
contributors to debian, but do participate in the debian-women project"?
Maybe another word would be better, but one isn't coming to mind.


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