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Re: Website beta trial

I see the sms box in light pink too - Mozilla 1.7/ OS X.  I prefer the
banner on that page to the one with the pierced navel.  Though my
navel is pierced, it doesn't run Debian ;-P

The font size is a little hard to read at high resolutions because it
is so small.  One possible workaround for this would be to use CSS and
specify the font size in ems (if you want to go the CSS route, of
course)...  The black-on-hot pink (" Abrir links en una ventana
nueva") is also difficult for me to read, but I'm not sure whehter
that's due to the color or the size.

I like the general look - clean and fairly simple.  Thanks to you both
for working on it!

- Colleen

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