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Re: introducing me

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Welcome to the list, Carla -- though I guess I should introduce myself,
too, since I just signed up with the list a few days ago. =op

I'm a software engineer who toggles between writing PHP backend code to
C and C++ stuff for a digital printing company in Arizona. We're kinda
stuck between Linux and Windows .NET at the moment, so I'm also trying
to assist in what ways I can to help the migration to Linux (which just
so happens to be Debian =o).

I'm 23 years old, and most of what I've learned I've learned through my
Dad's encouragement. Back in around 1990, he bought me my first
Commodore VIC-20, and later replaced it with a C-64. I learned the
majority of my programming skills through the manuals that came with the
old computers, and from there was introduced to the PC.

It wasn't until sometime in 1998 that I first played around with
Slackware '96, though, and later on moved to Debian after playing with
it at a previous job. Now I tend to use it virtually everywhere I can. =o)

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