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Re: Internation list (was: Is "debian-women" crashed ?)

Am 2004-07-17 21:42:23, schrieb Carla Schroder:
>On Saturday 17 July 2004 10:58 am, Nori Heikkinen wrote:

>> yo, this is an english list ... no need to post things to the whole
>> list that the non-german-speaking population can't understand.
>Well, we have all kinds of Brazilian and Italian and who knows what else 
>people here- I don't have a problem with a multi-language list. Maybe down 
>the road we should look at language-specific lists?


I do speak more then 20 languages because I was 
communication officer in the french armi...

So if someone writes in an other language then english I can help too...

My current listlanguages are: 

	DE, FR, EN, AR, FA, TR, IT, ES 

but some others too


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