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Re: Someone already here ?

Sorry Nori, 

Am 2004-07-12 22:56:07, schrieb Nori Heikkinen:

>> I had problems to subscribe to this list...
>> and curently mail only (no web) :-/
>subscription info from


Sorry, I am allready on 46 Debian-Lists as I am ongoing DM.
I know HOW to subscribe, because I use Debian since SLINK 2.0r2

>and, if by "no web" you mean you don't have a graphical interface up,
>you can also get at webpages using w3m or lynx -- text-based browsers
>that i rely on all the time when i manage to break something in X.

With a Laptop Toshiba T1950CT and 12 MB of memory ?  'lynx' die every 
time, but 'ssh' and 'mutt' connected to courier-imap is working fine. 

My monitor is gone and curently I can only read my messages via imap 
on my File-Server...  :-(  must waitr for my money.  :-/

>hope this helps,


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