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[fw] [hipatia] Gender Equity and Free and Open Source Software: Call for Chapter Submissions of a New Book

Hi, this seems very interesting. Maybe Debian-Women could participate.


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Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2004 09:30:35 -0300
Subject: [hipatia] Gender Equity and Free and Open Source Software: Call for
	Chapter Submissions of a New Book
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> Subject: [WSIS CS-Plenary] Gender Equity and Free and Open Source
> Software: Call for Chapter Submissions of a New Book
> Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2004 03:55:08 +0200
> Gender Equity and Free and Open Source Software
> Call for Chapter Submissions of a New Book
> In recent years, academia, non-governmental organizations, 
> governments, and industry have become increasingly involved in the 
> development of F/OSS technologies, and in analyzing the social 
> impact of that technology in diverse settings, such as in developing 
> countries, in education and in the workplace. WOWEM, a Gender Equity 
> and F/OSS research and education project started by the Foundation 
> for Sustainable Development, is sponsoring a book to be co-edited by 
> Stacy Gildenston, current Director of Certification for Linux 
> Professional Institute, and Lady Murrugarra, Coordinator Group Work 
> Gender and ICTs - Perú www.concytec.gob.pe/generotics/ and Head 
> Computer Center Instituto de Medicina Tropical Alexander von 
> Humboldt - UPCH www.upch.edu.pe/tropicales .  This book aims to 
> incorporate both empirical studies and qualitative evaluations of F/OSS
> technologies in which Gender Equity concerns have been involved.
> For example:  gender and F/OSS instructional technology (computer-based
> teaching);  gender-based cultural factors in the
> use of F/OSS; human-F/OSS interaction and trends; the barriers of F/OSS
> adoption based on gender concerns; and
> gender-based organizational and work issues; as well as reviews of 
> the broader social implications of F/OSS technologies in Gender 
> Equitable development. The focus of reviews and studies submitted 
> for publication in this section should reflect the book's focus on 
> Gender Equity concerns, either by stating how F/OSS tec hnology is 
> relevant, or how it might be relevant, particularly with respect to 
> local, regional, or international development issues.
> WOWEM will accept submissions in English and Spanish, but alternate
> languages are welcome as approved by the
> editors. Proposals for submission must be received by August 16th, 2004
> at jmcknight6655@rogers.com. We intend to
> publish all quality work as space allows. Detailed outlines and/or first
> drafts must be completed by September 30th, 2004,
> with the intent to have authors complete work by December 31, 2004.
> Alternate deadlines may be made available upon
> request.
> Full Length Articles can be anywhere up to approximately 5,000 words 
> in length, including (if needed) references, diagrams, statistics, 
> etc. These articles may be qualitative, quantitative, or a 
> combination of both. The intent of the editors is to allow for 
> extremely diverse submissions.
> Case Studies (up to 5,000 words) are highly regarded as material for
> submission. Since it is often difficult to create a
> research design that is applicable to standard quantitative statistical
> analysis or adequate control of variables, an
> appropriate focus can be methodologies. These methods are best described
> in Case Study format. The editors wish to
> encourage submissions from ALL experimental, educational, and
> organizational spheres. All Case Studies should
> present an adequate description of the background of the presenting
> problem, any methodologies used, the outcomes,
> and explanations for the outcomes observed.
> The book will recognize that F/OSS is a diverse topic politically,
> geographically, and culturally. The papers can be on any
> type of research that has relevance to Gender Equity and F/OSS. We would
> like to see short reports that authors may feel
> are not likely to be published as a full article, but which appears 
> to offer intriguing, preliminary work and findings. We welcome both 
> quantitative and qualitative research articles; pilot studies; non-
> trivial assignments done by or set for students; and even completely 
> speculative papers that suggest a further avenue of study and research.
> The length should be between 500-1,500 words, including any references.
> Since space is at a premium include core
> details that are required to help the reader understand the main thrust
> of the article. The discussion should mention
> possible flaws or alternative interpretations of the results, other than
> the main interpretation presented by the author(s).
> This is as much to indicate to the reader that the author(s) is/are
> aware of these possible flaws and alternative
> interpretations. It also serves to instruct for the potential to
> replicate work.
> Creative Non-Fiction
> Finally, the editors will accept short (up to 1,000 words) creative
> non-fiction works describing personal experiences with
> F/OSS and Gender Equity.  Space for this may be somewhat limited, and
> this material may be used for alternate media,
> such as on the WOWEM website.
> Regards,
> Stacy Gildenston / Lady Murrugarra
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