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Hi all!

I'm Fernanda Weiden, I work at Projeto Software Livre Brasil (Free
Software Project - Brazil) as a coordination member.
I work as a free software consultant, on solutions development, network
administration, servers and security...

I met some Debian girls at Debconf4 and I'm so glad to see this list

About logos....I prefer #7, and about the website, I can help to put
content on that (Michelle works so fine with CMS's :-D) and if we need,
I can check if we can use the PSL-BR servers to host the domain
(women.debian.org) and the website too.

Well...that's it!


Participe da 2a. Edição do CONISLI
5 e 6 de novembro - Anhembi - São Paulo
Projeto Software Livre Mulheres

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