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Re: Website, logo, etc.

Em Fri, 2 Jul 2004 13:43:45 -0400, Erinn Clark <erinnc@bellsouth.net>


> Cons:
>  - Something about the URL http://women.alioth.debian.org just seems..
>    I'm not sure, but I don't think I like it

You can have something like women.debian.net redirecting to the
alioth url... we do exactly this with debian-br.org -> debian-br.a.d.o

GForge is said to support VHosts, so you'd probably be able to have
women.debian.net be *the* url, but it doesn't seem to work -- I
tried with debian-br, and it does not work yet.

The goal should be women.debian.org, though, IMO =).

>  - I'm not sure how likely we'd be to get our project hosted there

Quite likely, I believe. =)

> Yeah, for everyone that isn't normally on IRC, here are all of the
> candidates: http://www.danamania.com/temp/debianwomen.jpg

I like #4.

See ya!

Gustavo Noronha Silva <kov@debian.org>     | http://beterraba.no-ip.org/~kov
  Debian Developer: http://www.debian.org/ | http://www.debian-br.org/
  Brazilian GNOME Translation Effort: http://gnome-br.sourceforge.net/

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