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Bug#532093: AleVT in dvb-apps

Hello Göran!

dvb-apps doesn't seem to be actively been worked on by upstream as well. The last upstream commit was about 5 years ago. But it's still younger than the original alevt. So I guess alevt can indeed be "merged" into dvb-apps. dvb-apps can need a little help as well. There have only been NMU's since 2013.

I've moved linuxtv-dvb-apps to Salsa last year:


...but unfortunately couldn't find the time to work on this package. Currently I'm busy getting the VDR packages up-to-date, so any help would be welcome!

The first things needed to be done would be to add the NMU changes, update the VCS links, update to rev1505 and check if some of the bugs can be fixed.



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