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Bug#768073: ITP: lxd -- The Linux Container Daemon


First, sorry for the late reply. A mail filter caught this message
before I had the chance to read it.

On 14/12/2018 12:15, Harald Dunkel wrote:
> Hi folks,
> how good are chances to get LXD into Buster?

As much as it pains me to say so, not very good at the moment, with the
soft freeze coming up in February.

The biggest issue is, starting with lxd3, Canonical decided to implement
replication in sqlite, which is fine, but since they needed it soon and
know that it would take a while for inclusion, they rely on a patched
version of sqlite.

It doesn't affect Ubuntu since Ubuntu is actually using Snap now to
distribute even the packaged version of LXD, and there having a patched
version is fine, since it's only in the snap context. However, we can't
patch sqlite this way in Debian.

you can check the ITP on golang-github-canonicalltd-dqlite [1] for more
info on this discussion. Sadly it's stalled currently (and the bandwidth
I can use to work on this packaging is quite low at the moment).

[1] - https://bugs.debian.org/905068



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