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Bug#920120: O: pngcheck -- print info and check PNG, JNG and MNG files

Package: wnpp

The current maintainer of pngcheck, Jari Aalto <jari.aalto@cante.net>,
is apparently not active anymore.  Therefore, I orphan this package now.

Maintaining a package requires time and skills. Please only adopt this
package if you will have enough time and attention to work on it.

If you want to be the new maintainer, please see
https://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/#howto-o for detailed
instructions how to adopt a package properly.

Some information about this package:

Package: pngcheck
Binary: pngcheck
Version: 2.3.0-7
Maintainer: Jari Aalto <jari.aalto@cante.net>
Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 9), zlib1g-dev
Architecture: any
Standards-Version: 3.9.4
Format: 3.0 (quilt)
 0169eec67a3f641b0a1289855a18e88e 1216 pngcheck_2.3.0-7.dsc
 980bd6d9a3830fdce746d7fe3c9166ee 59864 pngcheck_2.3.0.orig.tar.gz
 18bcbc3213037bbba9ee16667a642d12 7031 pngcheck_2.3.0-7.debian.tar.gz
Vcs-Browser: http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=collab-maint/pngcheck.git
Vcs-Git: git://anonscm.debian.org/collab-maint/pngcheck.git
 b4baf6a83744d36df22c3a3de6360caca0a1fb592c2200a7c65e29314f21c0d8 1216 pngcheck_2.3.0-7.dsc
 77f0a039ac64df55fbd06af6f872fdbad4f639d009bbb5cd5cbe4db25690f35f 59864 pngcheck_2.3.0.orig.tar.gz
 594f04da68a19b86b528f28c86769f21c1b793e9ab5ca6f6d9a61df87efe4cde 7031 pngcheck_2.3.0-7.debian.tar.gz
Homepage: http://freshmeat.net/projects/pngcheck
 pngcheck deb graphics optional
Directory: pool/main/p/pngcheck
Priority: source
Section: graphics

Package: pngcheck
Version: 2.3.0-7
Installed-Size: 173
Maintainer: Jari Aalto <jari.aalto@cante.net>
Architecture: amd64
Depends: libc6 (>= 2.7), zlib1g (>= 1:1.1.4)
Description-en: print info and check PNG, JNG and MNG files
 pngcheck verifies the integrity of PNG, JNG and MNG files (by checking the
 internal 32-bit CRCs or checksums) and optionally dumps almost all of the
 chunk-level information in the image in human-readable form. For example, it
 can be used to print the basic stats about an image (dimensions, bit depth,
 etc.); to list the color and transparency info in its palette; or to extract
 the embedded text annotations. All PNG and JNG chunks are supported, plus
 almost all MNG chunks (everything but PAST, DISC, tERm, DROP, DBYK, and
 ORDR). This is a command-line program with batch capabilities (e.g.,
 pngcheck *.png).
 Also includes pngsplit which can split a PNG, MNG or JNG file into
 individual, numbered chunks.
Description-md5: dd502b4e445fb522f8626c81c53ecabb
Homepage: http://freshmeat.net/projects/pngcheck
Tag: interface::commandline, role::program, scope::utility, use::checking,
 works-with-format::png, works-with::image, works-with::image:raster
Section: graphics
Priority: optional
Filename: pool/main/p/pngcheck/pngcheck_2.3.0-7_amd64.deb
Size: 65952
MD5sum: 973d563ab02ed85d46c856e4a9ad7ff7
SHA256: 451dae9ff37c614a8f71c44688f9625917c2c354fb622184babe78a95bc7157a

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