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Bug#920095: O: see -- lightweight text file and man page viewer

Package: wnpp

The current maintainer of see, Jari Aalto <jari.aalto@cante.net>,
is apparently not active anymore.  Therefore, I orphan this package now.

Maintaining a package requires time and skills. Please only adopt this
package if you will have enough time and attention to work on it.

If you want to be the new maintainer, please see
https://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/#howto-o for detailed
instructions how to adopt a package properly.

Some information about this package:

Package: see
Binary: seetxt
Version: 0.72-6
Maintainer: Jari Aalto <jari.aalto@cante.net>
Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 9), autotools-dev, libgtk2.0-dev
Architecture: any
Standards-Version: 3.9.8
Format: 3.0 (quilt)
 c038c1f7c26a9f69e0e268aa7c1c3391 1798 see_0.72-6.dsc
 03857a1cbab3fa45dc02bc7e6f39b759 141695 see_0.72.orig.tar.bz2
 19fe97d5d5bb0b0c9d6584966bf9dae3 5808 see_0.72-6.debian.tar.xz
Vcs-Browser: https://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=collab-maint/see.git
Vcs-Git: https://anonscm.debian.org/git/collab-maint/see.git
 80a60446e4040d17c445d87e5f8a3ed19e5c09ec0dcb429e2cb36eb9ba246452 1798 see_0.72-6.dsc
 c38786057e3939f262235c68cf3b8a7d7ab1450ffe4508ec98ec10e16b396159 141695 see_0.72.orig.tar.bz2
 e1a848a2996a66d90cdeba96bae5c086b7fd2087dcb1c47b8dea47246693017c 5808 see_0.72-6.debian.tar.xz
Homepage: http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/seetxt
 seetxt deb text extra arch=any
Directory: pool/main/s/see
Priority: source
Section: text

Package: seetxt
Source: see
Version: 0.72-6
Installed-Size: 119
Maintainer: Jari Aalto <jari.aalto@cante.net>
Architecture: amd64
Depends: libc6 (>= 2.14), libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.35.9), libgtk2.0-0 (>= 2.14.0), libpango-1.0-0 (>= 1.14.0)
Description-en: lightweight text file and man page viewer
 See is a lightweight Linux text file and man page viewer. It maintains
 "document meta-data" for each user, allowing them to automatically keep
 bookmarks and highlights for read-only system files. It also has a
 "server mode" so that command line requests can be sent to a single
 running server rather than starting multiple instances. Other features
 include hypertext-style apropos (man page) searches, file monitoring,
 regular expressions, command history, and nice little
 toggle lights on the interface for the server and file monitor.
Description-md5: f1f0f6a4e32251b9e7a7107119cef324
Homepage: http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/seetxt
Tag: implemented-in::c, interface::graphical, interface::x11, role::program,
 uitoolkit::gtk, works-with-format::man, works-with::text,
Section: text
Priority: optional
Filename: pool/main/s/see/seetxt_0.72-6_amd64.deb
Size: 46606
MD5sum: 4e5a6af75abe57e54ba3dffccf8dbdcf
SHA256: 579a1bee7479bce095fb3ec7d89294eb35b8c92d739955f089a26629d2384969

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