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Bug#919545: c-graph-2.0.1-1 Debian Release

retitle 694088 ITP: c-graph -- interactive visualization tool for the convolution theorem
owner 694088 Paul Hardy <unifoundry@gmail.com>f
owner 919545 Paul Hardy <unifoundry@gmail.com>
reopen 919545
forcemerge 694088 919545

> Please retitle bug 694088 from RFP to ITP and set yourself as the
> owner.

Thanks for helping triage bugs.  However, as is usual, I think it is
better in this case to keep both bugs around and merge them, than to
close a bug because it is a duplicate.

I think I have got the metadata right for both bugs, with my control
commands above.  If not please let me or Paul know or help fix it.

This will also help a bit because we have a package in preparation
which mentions the (new, duplicate) ITP bug in its changelog and we
would prefer to avoid another round of changelog-fiddling.


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